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Our Focus
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What's our perspective on videotape productions?

We don't overuse effects in our video productions;  we add them like spices.  We add just the right amount for good taste  (never bland, never too salty!) With a cinematic approach,  we tell a story pictorially.  We like to capture the mood of each event in an entertaining way.   Varying shots and logical editing are combined to keep the flow.
We were the pioneers then, and we're the pioneers now!
  • We switched from film to digital photography in 2001 when other photographers couldn't see its potential.
  • We began on-site digital printing in 2003, when other photographers twiddled their thumbs waiting for their film to be developed.
  • We have been shooting widescreen video since 2007, although other videographers are still using the original 4:3 format.
  • We've been offering High Definition videotaping since 2008, and deliver the highest quality on Blu-ray disc.
  • And most recently, we've swtiched to cool, unobtrusive LED lights.

After over three decades in this industry, we developed a sense for what works.  We should, by now, don't you think?? So trust us.  We have the wisdom of the ages.
The photography and video industry has changed so much since we hit the scene in 1979. (Yup, those prehistoric days of film cameras, movie film and the birth of the VCR. )
We were the pioneers who began videotaping when most people had never even heard of a Beta Max. Do you remember those days? 
What's our perspective on still photography?

We incorporate photojournalistic and traditional styles so that we capture each event in a comprehensive manner and cater to all tastes. In the process, we take our cues from the mood and personality of the subjects. Whether for portraits, events, or other situations, we develop a rapport with our clients so that they feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.
A younger, more aerodynamic Bob,
circa 1981